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MyParking websites affiliation

If you have a website or a BLOG, join our affiliate program and get profits from the generating sales.

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How it Works

MyParking ads is published on the affiliate website
Potential customers notice the ads
The customers book on
The website owner gets the commission

Your advantages

  • Promotions and suggestions to optimize your convertions
  • Above the average commission thanks to the high average order value on our website
  • Customised advertising based on your business sector or target
  • Support by our affiliate team

Commissions and payments

  • Commissions up to 8% depending on selling volume
  • 30 days cookies life time
  • Commission credited within 60 days after the sale
  • Special promotions for top sellers

You wish to become a MyParking affiliate?
AWIN Performance Display is a new and additional product among our affiliation services that allows you to get more results.

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MyParking collaborates with AWIN (Zanox), the best affiliate system in Europe. If you have already signed up, you can request to become a MyParking affiliate from here →