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Terms of Use

MyParking and the related websites are registered trademarks and property of Com-Media SpA.

On MyParking websites you can book a parking spot in affiliated car parks in the following way:

-prepaid booking

- booking with payment upon arrival


The following terms govern the relationship between Com-Media SpA, that owns MyParking service (hereafter "MYPARKING") and the user (hereafter "USER").

MYPARKING offers the booking service of parking areas published on the website and on the related websites.

The availability of the parking areas and the related services is guaranteed and provided by the parking manager.

Therefore the parking manager is legally and exclusively responsible for the organisation and the custody of the vehicles parked in the areas as booked by the USER. The parking manager is also responsible for the truthfulness, the correction and the update of the information communicated and published on and on the related websites.

MYPARKING checks the prices published in order to offer the best prices. Prices may increase or decrease according to seasonality or special offers. All the prices are valid for online booking only and include VAT.

A - Booking Procedure

  1. After the booking procedure has been completed, on whichever MYPARKING website, a booking confirmation-Voucher appears on screen.
  2. The USER has to take note of the directions and the instructions to get the booked parking service, paying attention to the booked car park location and its telephone number(s), as well as all the details regarding the access and exit procedure. All this information is automatically sent per email but the USER should make sure s/he has received it or s/he has asked MYPARKING for it, using the tools on MYPARKING website.
  3. MYPARKING is in no way responsible of any missed bookings due to the USER's failure to obtain valid directions on the website before departing.
  4. By checking the details page of the car park of his/her interest, the customer should make sure that the transfer to the selected destination is included in the price displayed on the website.
  5. Prices may vary according to the dates selected, the parking duration, the day/time of entry/exit.
  6. MYPARKING commits to promptly update on and the related websites any information regarding the car parks and the parking areas as soon as it is communicated by the parking providers.
  7. Depending on the affliated car park and the parking service selected, the USER may be obliged to leave the vehicle keys to the parking staff. In this case, before leaving the vehicle the USER should make sure the vehicle has all the documents required. i.e. payment of the vehicle registration and road tax.
  8. The parking personnel of affiliated car parks has the right to move the parked vehicle inside the parking area or to separate areas (owned by the parking provider), to guarantee a better organisation of the parking area or, in case of any emergency, to avoid accidents or obstructions.
  9. The USER must park in whichever affiliated car park with respect to its Terms and Conditions. The user should make sure to check and ask for the Terms and Conditions applied by the parking provider.
  10. Any circumstances in which the customer is late for the use of the booked service, such as mistakes in filling in the booking form, wrong information or late arrival without communication, may lead to the cancellation of the parking service, without any refunds.
  11. MYPARKING has no responsibility in the organisation of the parking areas, therefore it is not responsible for service cancellation, service modification, date or timetable modification and any inconveniences that they may cause to the USER. The affiliated parking provider is the only responsible for the parking service and everything related to it, and must inform the customer about the contractual details of the parking service provided.
  12. In case of a reduction of the booked parking period requested by the USER, proceeding or not with a refund (detracting administrative and accounting costs) will be a discretionary decision by MYPARKING in accordance with the affiliated car park.
  13. Refund requests sent after the entry date booked will not be accepted in any case.
  14. MYPARKING or the affiliated car park may cancel a booking in case the parking provider is not available or cannot fulfil it. In that case, the prepaid booking will be totally refunded on the credit card used or via bank transfer.
  15. MYPARKING may suspend the booking service for technical reasons or to upgrade and improve the service itself.

B - Guidelines for purchase of goods and services

Art. 1 – Relationship between the USER and MYPARKING

Using MYPARKING, the USER calls upon Com-Media SpA to contact on his/her behalf the parking provider to book a parking spot in the selected parking area ("agency contract", see Art. 1704 of Italian Civil Code). By inserting on the webpage the data requested, the USER accepts and has to comply with MyParking terms and conditions.

If the USER chooses the prepaid booking, the pre-payment is considered as a mean for MyParking to complete the booking on behalf of the USER (Art. 1719 of Italian Civil Code).

The present guidelines must be read and fully accepted. In order to complete the booking procedure, these guidelines are intended as automatically accepted by the USER.

Art. 2 - Service Payment

The online payment can be made through a credit card or a prepaid card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, PostePay), a PayPal account or via bank transfer (selecting MyBank service). The payment is made through a virtual EPOS terminal in safe mode with a 128 bit irreversible encryption on the bank website. MYPARKING has no access to payment data.

Art. 3 - Credit card, PayPal account and bank account owner's and USER's obligation

The USER commits to carefully read and accept the present guidelines, as necessary condition for the purchase.

Art 3.1 - Effectiveness of the agreement and the documents to keep

MYPARKING commits to promptly send to the USER the "MyParking booking confirmation" with all the useful information and instructions about the service. In case of a prepaid booking, the USER can insert his/her email address during the payment procedure in order to get a transaction confirmation. This email, however, is to be considered just as payment confirmation and it is not valid as booking confirmation to access the booked car park, as specified on and on related websites.

Art. 4 - Limitation of liability

MYPARKING is not liable for any direct or indirect damages that may occur related to its service. MYPARKING commits to collaborate with the competent authorities and to communicate all the necessary data to identify and prevent any Internet related crimes.

Art. 5 - Compromissory clause

Any controversies in understanding and carrying out the present agreement may be referred to a conciliator of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa, who will decide according to the online conciliation procedure.

Art. 6 – Cancellation

Any information regarding the booking cancellation can be found on MYPARKING website and the USER commits to follow the provided instructions and functionality.

Cancellation requests sent through the "HELP" section are automatically managed. The advance notice (that is how far in advance of the booking start time MYPARKING receives the cancellation request) is calculated from the moment the request is sent.

To cancel bookings that are to be paid upon arrival the USER can also contact the parking personnel on the phone numbers mentioned on the "MyParking booking confirmation".

This procedure can be used at least 48 hours in advance of the parking start time as mentioned in the booking. Alternatively, cancellation requests can be submitted per email to MyParking Customer Care as explained in the "HELP" section. However, cancellation and refund requests sent by email are managed only during business hours (from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00 - except on holidays). The advance notice is calculated from the moment MYPARKING has the possibility to manage the request. For this reason, it is advisable to submit cancellation requests through the "HELP" section.

In case the requirements above mentioned are met, the booking will be refunded detracting administrative and accounting costs, that correspond to 5% of the booking price, with the minimum amount of 5,00 Euro.

In case the USER makes a new prepaid booking, the previous booking will be always refunded. In any case, however, the USER should follow the procedure as mentioned in the "HELP" section.

Refund requests sent after the entry date booked will not be accepted in any case.

Art. 7 – General

The USER acknowledge s/he has fully read the present agreement.

By using any services provided by ( or the related websites or MYPARKING applications, the USER fully accepts the present terms of use.

In some cases, MYPARKING may decide not to apply one or more clauses of this agreement. However, it does not imply that MYPARKING may apply one or all the clauses of this agreement, if required.

7.1 In case some of the above mentioned clauses are not applicable, the other ones remain effective.

7.2 In case the services have been purchased on behalf of a third person, the acceptance of the present terms of use is intended on behalf of the third person.

7.3 Any legal controversy arising out or related to this agreement between MYPARKING and the purchaser will be settled according to Italian Law and exclusively by Genoa Court.

7.4 MYPARKING reserves the right to amend and/or integrate the present terms of use anytime, if necessary. On the website will be published the latest version of the present agreement.

7.5 For any information about and the related websites, please refer to the "HELP" section to read the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ), or call the number 899 908080 (from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 - except on holidays; please check the HELP section to know prices and conditions), or write to

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