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You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours before arrival



You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours before arrival

MyParking Club Loyalty Programme Terms and Conditions

Com-Media S.p.A., with registered office in Genoa, Italy, at Via M. Fanti 10 R cap 16149, (hereinafter also referred to as "Com-Media" or "MyParking" ), VAT no. 01537840991 and Tax code 01537840991.

Promotional initiative not subject to the rules on prize-winning events (DPR 430/2001 Art. 6 comma c/bis).

National & International.

End Customers, "MyParking Club" members.

Means of communication of the programme and its terms.
The initiative will be publicized with the relative terms on website and may be communicated to Users through booking vouchers, mailings and/or newsletters.

MyParking Loyalty Programme Terms for End Users

    The Loyalty Program MyParking Club (also called “MyParking Club”) is promoted by the company Com-Media S.p.A. (also called "MyParking") with registered office at Via M. Fanti 10 R postal code 16149, VAT code 01537840991, which operates through the MyParking brand. To join the Programme, it is necessary to have an active MyParking account.

Art. 1 - Subjects

    Only persons who are at least 18 years old at the time of the activation of their account on the website may join in the MyParking Club Programme. Participation in the Programme is free of charge.

Art. 2 - Duration

    The Programme is active and valid until 31/12/2024 valid for 30 (thirty) months starting from 07/07/2022.
    On the expiry date (31/12/2024), the earned points will be redeemable ninto discount vouchers (See Art. 7) until 31/01/2025.
    After that date the points will be reset to zero and will no longer be redeemable.

Art. 3 - Application and activation of MyParking account and participation in the MyParking Club Programme

    Once filled in the registration form, the User will receive an email with a link to complete the registration. Once the registration has been completed, the User will automatically have access to the MyParking Club and start earning "MyClub Points" for each subsequent booking on the website. Users who already have an active MyParking account automatically join in the Programme free of charge.

Art. 4 - MyParking Club Points

    The MyParking Club membership is linked to the User's MyParking account and the accumulated points can only be used by the account holder. It is not possible to transfer, exchange and/or accumulate MyParking Club points between two or more users, even if they are members of the same Programme. The MyParking Club Membership guarantees the User the earning of points for each booking with online payment through the website regularly confirmed, with no cancellation nor refund procedures pending nor requested by the User themelves nor by MyParking. 1 MyClub point will be credited for each €0.10 spent on parking bookings. MyClub Points are not redeemable into cash. Example: For a booking with the amount of 35.30€ the user will earn 353 MyClubPoints.

Art. 5 - Earning points

    MyClub Points will only be credited to the User's account the day after the parking period is over (i.e. after the exit date). Should the User stay longer than the booked period, no additional points will be earned. In the event of an earlier end of the booking period, MyParking shall have the exclusive right to change the booking and credit the points. Subject to the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions - (Terms of Use) which can be found at the link:

Art. 6 - Use of MyClub Points

    On reaching the required points, as per the table in Art. 7 below, the User can use the points earned to redeem discount codes from his MyParking account..The requested discount code will be available immediately after redemption. The MyClub points already used will be deducted from the amount of points stored in the User's account.
    Please note: once the points have been used to redeem a discount code, they cannot be reactivated for future use.

Art. 7 - Discount codes

    Once earned the point thresholds within the timeframe (see Art.2) as defined in these terms and conditions, each User with a MyParking account will have access to the following discount codes:

    Discount Code Description
    The User will be able to get the following digital discount codes, to be used for online bookings on MyParking:

    • 1500 Points = 3,00 Euro discount code;
    • 2500 Points = 5,00 Euro discount code;
    • 4500 Points = 10,00 Euro discount code;
    • 8000 Punti = 20,00 Euro discount code.

    The amount of each discount code is intended VAT included. The discount codes cannot be split and can be used only for booking of higher amount.

    How to request and redeem a discount code
    MyParking Club Users will be able to redeem a discount code by the deadline mentioned in the "Art. 2 - Duration"..

Art. 8 - Extra points

    During MyParking Clubprogramme lifetime, MyParking shall allow a faster MyClubpoint earning through communications on the website or in these Terms and Conditions.

Art. 9 - Points Expiry

    In case, at the scheduled MyParking Club programme expiry date (See Art. 2), the User does not have used their points yet, either totally or partially, it will be possible to use the remaining points to redeem discount codes (See Art. 2) until 31/01/2025.

Art. 10 - Termination

    The MyParking User has the right to cancel their MyParking account anytime and without notice, through the procedure provided. MyParking will delete all their points earned until the day of the request within 30 working days. Once deleted, the points will not be available nor redeemable any longer.

Art. 11 - MyParking Clubprogramme modification or interruption

    MyParking reserves the right to interrupt, change and/or amend at any time the conditions of participation, the terms of subscription or other procedures described in these regulations. Amendments will be published on the website and will be considered effective 30 days after their publication.